It Had Wings

An accomplished visual artist, Allan himself illustrated this special edition. He also wrote an afterword explaining his return to a twenty-year-old novella and condensing it into the fablesque, short story that has since been widely anthologized.

Edition of 335. The first 26 copies are presented in a handmade clamshell box, and accompanied by a CD containing a reading of the story by Allan, and the story set to music by composer Bruce Saylor and sung by his mezzo soprano wife. (Bruce’s feedback to Allan’s orginalla novella is what prompted Allan’s rewrite and paring down). The handmade paper covers were each individually dyed in an indigo vat after applying a resist to mimic the clouds and blue sky our angel falls from. 1997

An Elizabethan Bestiary: Retold

An interdisiplinary adventure and creative re-interpretation of the original fifteenth century Elizabethan bestiaries. This title was recognized as one of the 50 best designed books of 1998 by the American Institute of Graphic Arts, as well as one of the ten best books of the year published by an independent press. The poet and illustrator are next door neighbors in Hillsborough, North Carolina, and M.J. lives down the street from Dave.

Edition of 1000. Offset interiors with lettepress covers. 31 poems and illustrations are accompanied by a comprehensive essay detailing the history of bestiaries. 1998

In the Light from Stained Glass

**BACK IN PRINT!*. We just found five copies. They are for sale at $125 each.

These 33 poems cover a wide range of events and emotions over a rich life; from experiences during The Great Depression to Frank’s adventures and evolving roles as a growing child, student, father, and teacher; and his inner struggles and observations with Catholicism along the way—all the while reveling in the beauty and details of the natural world and surroundings. Six short biographical excerpts provide additional context to the poems.

Edition of 118. Entirely lettepress printed by hand with handmade paper covers and hand-sewn. Two different papers were used for the covers and paired with varying color schemes on the five color title page. 1998.

The Dead Father Poems

Both artists lost their fathers to suicide, and by working together they were able to explore the artistic edges of grief, memory, and healing. John’s fourteen poems, were written over a ten-year period; then shared with Doug, who created thirteen etchings the following year to accompany them.

Offset interiors with hand-printed covers. Four different handmade papers were used throughout the edition of 500 books. Hand-sewn. The first 26 copies of the edition were case bound with hand-painted paste paper covers. 2000

Oscar Comes to North Carolina

Originally published in a scholarly journal, this essay was written by the Ackland Art Museum director emeritus Charles Millard. The handmade paper covers were letterpress printed and hand-printed. Interior pages offset in three colors. Hand-sewn. Overbeaten flax fibers were used to create a tranluscent, golden endsheet. 1999.

The Waiting

The first H&B book featured three different cover designs incorporating color xerox transfers from three different photographs originally made with a Diana camera. Several of these poems were republished in the H&B title City of Midnight Skies. 1997.

Fine Lines

Eat Your Vegetables

Recipes from members of this now defunct Raleigh co-op were accompanied by pen and ink drawings by Dave Wofford as well as an extensive food glossary. Half of the edition was hand-bound and featured hand-printed covers on handmade paper. An excellent time capsule of a Raleigh past. 1996.

Most H&B titles go out of print within a couple years. Occasionally you can find these titles if you hunt around on the internets. I don’t publish second editions, but I do work with authors to try and convince larger publishing houses to keep titles in print to bring forth a larger reading audience.