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Carolina Writers at Home:
Photographs by Rob McDonald

I've just installed a great photography exhibit in the Upfront Gallery centered around a unique book published by my friends at Hub City Press. There will be a fun reception/book release shindig Friday, October 16 from 6–9pm with many stars and special people (live superstar writers, the acclaimed photographer who still works in film, the ambitious publisher who makes things happen!) in attendance. Come say hi, check out the book (and special discounts on it that extend during the month long exhibit), Rob McDonald's evocative photographs, and consider helping celebrate a special project as well as the many talented writers that pursue their craft from the Carolinas. Or just come and drink our beer or sparkling water and shoot the shit.

Friday, October 16; 6–9pm

exhibit runs through November 13, 2015

“From Beaufort to Boone and a dozen places in between, this book is a rich collection of true stories showcasing the houses where some of the most notable Southern authors have forged their writing lives. The homes in these twenty-five essays range from the classic bungalow and mid-century modern ranch house to wilder locales: a church, a trailer, and a sparsely-inhabited barrier island. Alongside the essays, Rob McDonald’s evocative photographs capture the writers in their habitat, preserving their distinct personalities as well as the particular character of the house and place they inhabit.”

Horse & Buggy Press will be celebrating its
20th anniversary in the spring of 2016

There will be special events going on in both Raleigh and Durham. Everyone will be invited. Interesting people will share amazing things. Dividends will be paid out to the initial stockholders in a grand public ceremony. Bella will perform tricks. There will be a pinata.

There's a lot going on in the H&B studio these days... new book projects, logo designs and identity packages, and brochures and catalogs for new clients. There remains hope that this website and the blog will be updated to show more of our recent work, but until then please stop by to see the work for yourself or holler if you would like me to mail out samples. We recently completed the inaugural program guide for the Reynolds Price Reading Series which brought Ron Rash to town, some beautiful wedding announcements for some great people, and gift certificates for businesses that care enough to make those a special moment.

Also, there is talk in back alleys, rooftop penthouses, and Fortune 500 boardrooms about a consortium of sorts that could be created so the long needed and much talked about Triangle Book Arts Center & Publishing Lab could finally get up and running. If you are interested in this discussion, and especially if you have connections to foundation grants or philanthropic donations, please visit and join the google group that has been created.!forum/trianglebookartscenter This is where the output of the secret confabs will be revealed, all in good time. Be patient, this takes more effort than just dropping a shitstorm of condos on the scene or sticking a bird on a tote bag. The eventual result will have a far more postive impact on our area. Once this center has secured funding and a home I will likely be donating my 120 cases of metal foundry type to the cause (since most of the letterpress work I do is based off of photopolymer plates created from digitally typeset design files).

Please holler if you would like to be placed on the mailing list to receive email newsletters every two or three months. We are catching up with the times and this will now be dressed up all pretty and share pictures of recent work.


Recent Work.

Recent projects include designing the program guide for the fourth annual Triangle Click Photography Festival; the 64 page annual report for Duke Gardens which features a bevy of wonderful photography of the ever-evolving gardens; a number of poetry book projects including Moment's Omen: Poems by Fred Moten (Selva Oscura Press); a keepsake letterpress printed broadside edition celebrating that the completion of the Perkins Library renovation at Duke; and a similar letterpress printed keepsake for the Duke MFA program which featured excerpts from Marshall Chapman's commencement speech.

The spring of 2015 saw the completion of two art photography books for Daniel 13. Photourist features the work of NYC based Andy Gershon, and Muse features the large-format color photography of Gail Goers.

Photographer Gail Goers uses her 4×5 view camera to amplify a sense of place. Muse examines the solitary spaces of modern cities (within Germany and China). This is a large format, 72 page art photography book with exquisite production values to show off the power of these images.

The title, Muse, functions on multiple levels. That term so frequently refers to the object of the male gaze, to an elusive angel that must be summoned, or to a nude model. Goers offers a spin on this idea. Instead of female nudes, she presents stark landscapes – largely man-made, almost always prepared for, but devoid of, people. The photographer invites a shift of the word “muse” from a noun to a verb. She challenges viewers to muse upon the photographs, to meditate on these quiet spaces outside the pop, whiz, glamour, and speed of the modern city. In image after image, page after page, China morphs into Germany and Germany dissolves into China as the photographer jumps space while she pauses time.

Daniel 13 (based in Carrboro) functions as an eclectic, modern-day hybrid between a book publisher, record label, and film production company. At the heart of all projects is unfailing support for the artist’s vision and a commitment to seeing it properly executed. This is the third title that Horse & Buggy Press has designed for Daniel 13.

I'm continuing to design the 27 Views series for Eno Publishers. The most recent edition was 27 Views of Wilmington which is now in bookstores. Along those lines, I've desiged a book about the Carolina Friends School that also features the 27 Views moniker which Elizabeth Woodman from Eno Publishers has graciously shared with the school (which is the publisher for this book). 27 Views of the Carolina Friends School is available for purchase at the school, area independent bookstores, and here at the H&B studio. This book was published on the 50th anniversary of the school. In addition to essays, poems, and personal stories there are photographs from all five decades of the school's history.


Open Studios on Third Fridays.

Horse & Buggy Press continues to have open studios on the Third Friday of every month as part of Third Friday Durham. This is a fun time to come by and see new work. Hours are 6-9pm and we often have receptions for the guest artist exhibits in the Upfront Gallery. Sometimes we have special guests like the Poetry Fox or musicians doing their things up front or on the sidewalk.


U P F R O N T. .G A L L E R Y .

The relatively spacious Upfront Gallery features a curated guest artist exhibit area as well as a large display of Horse & Buggy Press projects (and other BCAC members' works). The H&B wall carries a range of book projects from collaborations with writers and artists that bear the Horse & Buggy Press imprint, book projects for other publishers, exhibit catalogues for museums, and a wide range of smaller design projects, some which were letterpress printed in-house, many that were offset or digitally printed elsewhere, and a few that are a hybrid mix of printing processes.

R E C E N T . F I N E . P R E S S . B O O K S

Roses: from the Late French Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
Translations and Essay by David Need
Pen and Ink Drawings by Clare Johnson
2014 .|. 224 pages .|. $30 *less than 10 copies of the first edition with letterpress covers remain. the second printing is in bookstores, if you would like the first edtion contact me directly.

Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia
Photographs by Roger May
Foreword by Silas House
2014 .|. amazingly, this edition of 300 has nearly sold out. We are hopeful a larger trade publisher will step in to release a second edition.

Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought
Photographs and Lyrical Essays Courtney Fitzpatrick

Maji Moto has been lauded far and wide including by the Paris Review, and Natural History Magazine.

Extensive info and images on the Maji Moto book and broadsides project can be found at this blogpost of Side Spur Ramblings (the official H&B blog). The books and broadsides are still on display and available for sale alongside other H&B work in the foyer gallery.


Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

I have designed the Full Frame program guide and broadsheet posters the last seven years. I have old program guides here at the studio for anyone who might be interested. They are a great resource for working on your netflix queue. (these are free, but *please* consider making a tax deductible donation to Full Frame, or even better become a member and support this great Durham-based festival)

Website Update / Don't You Guys Have Any New Work to Share?

The H&B website overhaul and update continues holding strong on the back burner. Miles Everett, me and Annie's first child, was born Sept. 23, 2011 and is a healthy growing boy. While he has pledged to be our IT support by 2018, he is taking up quite a bit of time, and we are enjoying the heck out of our time with him. . . so projects like website updates, and putting more recent work up in the digital showroom, tend to develop more slowly in favor of weekend excursions, field trips to museums, and digging around in the garden.

Please know I am working full-time at the studio on a variety of projects!

To see examples of recent work, please visit the studio during our foyer gallery hours on Fridays, or during our monthly Third Friday open house. I'm also happy to send samples out in the mail or schedule meetings to sit down with folks.