SUMMER  2 0 1 4

I designed the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Program guide, all 128 pages of it, again this past spring. Amazingly, Full Frame offers it for free at the festival to anyone who purchases tickets to see a film.

I'm working on two art photography books for Daniel 13. Muse features the large-format color photography of Gail Goers, and Photourist features the work of NYC based Andy Gershon. Both books are in production now and should be completed by fall.

Horse & Buggy Press continues to have open studios on the Third Friday of every month as part of Third Friday Durham. This is a great time to come by and see new work which lately has included menus for new restaurants, poetry chapbooks, business cards for a variety of artists and organizations, and brochures for companies. Our hours for these open studio events is 6-9pm and we often have receptions for the guest artist exhibits in the foyer gallery.

This summer I finished two fine press book projects, both of which were year long collaborations and we were all extremely happy with the finished results. Please see the links below for more about Roses and Testify.


M O S T . R E C E N T . F I N E . P R E S S . B O O K S

Roses: from the Late French Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
Translations and Essay by David Need
Pen and Ink Drawings by Clare Johnson
2014 .|. 224 pages .|. $30

Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia
Photographs by Roger May
Foreword by Silas House
2014 .|. amazingly, this edition of 300 has already sold out. We are hopeful a larger trade publisher will release a second edition.

Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought
Photographs and Lyrical Essays Courtney Fitzpatrick

Maji Moto has been lauded far and wide including by the Paris Review, and Natural History Magazine.

Extensive info and images on the Maji Moto book and broadsides project can be found at this blogpost of Side Spur Ramblings (the official H&B blog). The books and broadsides are still on display and available for sale alongside other H&B work in the foyer gallery.


Open Studios

An open studios event is held on the third Friday of every month from 6–9pm as part of Third Friday Durham. This is a great time to see examples of projects on display, book collaborations with writers and artists, and occasionally I have one of the letterpresses fired up so visitors can get a peek at the hand-printing process.

The recently enlarged gallery includes work from all members of the Bull City Arts Collaborative and an exhibit area featuring guest artists' work in a variety of media. New shows rotate in every two months.

Please holler if you would like to be placed on the mailing list (e-mail only).


Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

I have designed the Full Frame program guide and broadsheet posters the last six years. I have old program guides here at the studio for anyone who might be interested. They are a great resource for working on your netflix queue. (these are free, but *please* consider making a tax deductible donation to Full Frame, or even better become a member and support this great Durham-based festival)

Website Update / Don't You Guys Have Any New Work to Share?

The H&B website update continues holding strong on the back burner. Miles Everett, me and Annie's first child, was born Sept. 23, 2011 and is a healthy growing boy. While he has pledged to be our IT support by 2018, he is taking up quite a bit of time, and we are enjoying the heck out of our time with him. . . so projects like website updates, and putting more recent work up in the digital showroom, may develop more slowly in favor of weekend hikes, field trips to museums, and digging around in the garden.

Please know I am working full-time at the studio on a variety of projects! Recent projects include book designs for other publishers; the seasonal catalog for Duke Press; posters for a film series; logo, signage, and menus for a soon to open diner; letterpress wedding announcements, stationery and business cards for several artists; a special book project for the UNC School of Journalism; and a suite of poetry chapbooks for Three Count Pour.

To see examples of recent work, please visit the studio during our foyer gallery hours on Fridays, or during our monthly Third Friday open house. I'm also happy to send samples out in the mail.