The Goings On

Horse & Buggy Press is celebrating its 20th anniversary in the spring of 2016 with a multi-media extravaganza that opens Weds, May 4 with a month- long exhibit at Cassilhaus, which then travels to CAM Raleigh for the summer.

The show is being installed now. When we finish, I'll return here with a propery summary of the happenings, but please know this will most likely be the last chance to purchase several of the book editions that are about to go out of print, there are two brand new book projects making their debut, and there will be a plethora of work by friends and collaborators from over the years to the tune of over 50 framed pieces of art as well as custom furniture made for the show.

There will be special programming going on at both venues. Everyone will be invited. Interesting people will share amazing things. Dividends will be paid out to the initial stockholders in a grand public ceremony. There will be a pinata. There will be poignant stories and bad jokes shared.


Please holler if you would like to be placed on the mailing list to receive email newsletters 3-6 months. We are catching up with the times and this are now all dressed up all pretty and share pictures of recent work. They are meant to be viewed on your computer or table. Not your phone.



Open Studios on Third Fridays.

Horse & Buggy Press continues to have open studios on the Third Friday of every month as part of Third Friday Durham. This is a fun time to come by and see new work. Hours are 6-9pm and we often have receptions for the guest artist exhibits in the Upfront Gallery. Sometimes we have special guests like the Poetry Fox or musicians doing their things up front or on the sidewalk.


U P F R O N T. .G A L L E R Y .

The relatively spacious Upfront Gallery features a curated guest artist exhibit area as well as a large display of Horse & Buggy Press projects (and other BCAC members' works). The H&B wall carries a range of book projects from collaborations with writers and artists that bear the Horse & Buggy Press imprint, book projects for other publishers, exhibit catalogues for museums, and a wide range of smaller design projects, some which were letterpress printed in-house, many that were offset or digitally printed elsewhere, and a few that are a hybrid mix of printing processes.

R E C E N T . F I N E . P R E S S . B O O K S

Roses: from the Late French Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke
Translations and Essay by David Need
Pen and Ink Drawings by Clare Johnson
2014 .|. 224 pages .|. $30 *less than 10 copies of the first edition with letterpress covers remain. the second printing is in bookstores, if you would like the first edtion contact me directly.

Testify: A Visual Love Letter to Appalachia
Photographs by Roger May
Foreword by Silas House
2014 .|. amazingly, this edition of 300 has nearly sold out. We are hopeful a larger trade publisher will step in to release a second edition.

Maji Moto: Dispatches from a Drought
Photographs and Lyrical Essays Courtney Fitzpatrick

Maji Moto has been lauded far and wide including by the Paris Review, and Natural History Magazine.

Extensive info and images on the Maji Moto book and broadsides project can be found at this blogpost of Side Spur Ramblings (the official H&B blog). The books and broadsides are still on display and available for sale alongside other H&B work in the foyer gallery.

Website Update / Don't You Guys Have Any New Work to Share?

We're too busy to update the website. I used to claim this was a back burner project but in reality the pilot light went out quite some time ago. No doubt, it will get fired back up at some point and a kick-ass updated website will emerge but until then, this is what we got and if you want to see more recent work then please get in touch for a visit, stop by on a Third Friday open studio event, or request to see samples in the mail.