We are designers who are also letterpress printers.

As John Dewey reminded us, aesthetics is not just an issue for the often esoteric world of fine art. Bringing consideration of aesthetics into our interactions with everyday objects allows for additional meaning, purpose, and pleasure to be brought to our daily lives.

H&B approaches printed matter projects in the tradition of the artisan, specifically the designer/letterpress printer. This results in intimate, tactile artifacts that reward readers and end users with a true aesthetic experience; a rarity in today’s increasingly over-accelerated culture that favors constant noise over subtlety and quiet space.

Each and every project has a unique context with specific goals, and we spend the time needed to understand them. This allows us to find the best solution aesthetically and financially.

Mistakenly dismissed as a technophobe Luddite operation by some (perhaps it has something to do with our name?), Horse & Buggy Press is actually adept at utilizing the best qualities of both yesteryear’s mechanical technologies and today’s digital technologies. This allows us to create intelligent, contemporary artifacts in a variety of styles.

Avoiding both the artifice of Disneyfied nostalgia and the hollow ethos of self-referential Graphics-with-a-Capital-G (all graphics and no design), the works of the press stand out for their visual clarity, quiet directness, and sustained appeal.

Many projects integrate offset or digital printing with the tactile and economic benefits of in-house letterpress printing. The best of both worlds are combined, and the result is an engaging design that stands out from the crowd at a highly competitive price.

Truth be told, “we” is just “me.”

As a one-person design studio I ensure hands-on attention at every step, bringing creativity and clear communication to all facets of a project. An enjoyable and efficient process evolves without delays or confusion.

One of my strengths is understanding the content of complex or content driven projects and feeding this understanding into the design; something readily noticed and enjoyed by readers of these pieces.